Burst Angel Yamato Meg & Jo 6-Inch PVC Statue

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Burst Angel Yamato Meg & Jo 6-Inch PVC Statue
We carefully inspect each copy of this figure for damage. Due to the collectibility and fragility of this item, we cannot accept a return once it has been opened.
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Burst Angel (aka Bakuretsu Tenshi) is the story of four female bounty hunters who know just how to make you forget your troubles...by creating a whole lot more! Yamato USA is pleased to bring Jo to 3-D life as one of four beautiful PVC statues. Bounty hunting can be a difficult job in future Tokyo, but for Jo it's nothing compared to insuring the safety of her close friend, Meg... Even with her super strength, bulls-eye accuracy, duel hand guns, AND a thirty food armored assault Mecha! Make no doubt about it, though, this bounty hunter runs the show, shooting first and not bothering to ask questions later. She's one crazy burst angel.

Each figure stands approximately 6" tall and comes with a base.
1.80 LBS
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PVC Statue