Futurama Series 3 Kif Kroker Action Figure

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Futurama Series 3 Kif Kroker Action Figure

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KIF KROKER is the long-suffering first lieutenant of the DOOP starship Nimbus, immediate subordinate to Zapp Brannigan, which has been the cause of many a sign of frustration. He is a native of Amphibios 9 and, accordingly, his body has a system of fluid-filled bladders instead of bones. He can shed his skin like a snake, change his color like a chameleon, climb walls like a gecko, and inflate his head to gargantuan size to frighten predators like some other creepy reptile thing. He is engaged to Amy Wong but, following unprotected contact with Leela (they touched hands during a spacebound emergency), he got pregnant and birthed a mass of offspring, which Amy has agreed to parent with Kif in about 20 years.
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Series 3
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