2009 Movie Star Trek Movie Trading Card Set

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2009 Movie Star Trek Movie Trading Card Set
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The Rittenhouse Star Trek Trading cards offers a visual record of the film on the front and text on the back of each card. Star Trek films have a long tradition of being featured as trading cards beginning with the Topps 1979 set for The Motion Picture. Every film has been a card set (either at the time of its release or afterward) and the Star Trek 2009 set from Rittenhouse is the best of the group with everything from costume cards to autographs of the entire cast. As with many trading card sets, there are different types of cards.
The basic set contains 81 cards, each with an image on the front and some text on the back. The secretive nature of the film limits the text somewhat on the back to generic descriptions, yet the set is attractive and the pictures are very nice. One of the fun aspects of trading cards is getting to see either unusual images or deleted scenes. Rittenhouse doesnt disappoint here. For example, there is a card featuring JJ Abrams father who has a cameo in the bar scene (he is one of the older patrons watching the fight between Kirk and Cupcake). There are also cards of deleted scenes from Vulcan. What is nice is that the set doesnt just give images of Kirk and Spock, yet the entire cast is represented, from elder Spock to Nero.
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2009 Movie
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