Alien vs Predator Movie Masterpiece She-Predator Machiko 1/6 Collectible Figure

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Alien vs Predator Movie Masterpiece She-Predator Machiko 1/6 Collectible Figure
We carefully inspect each copy of this figure for damage. Due to the collectibility and fragility of this item, we cannot accept a return once it has been opened.
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Movie Masterpiece: She-Predator Machiko is an original character designed by Hot Toys, inspired by Lex from the original AVP film and by the female character from the AVP comics. The She-Predator stands 30 cm tall and features 20 points of articulation, and is easily one of the most lavish figures to be inspired by the Predator franchise. Barbarically seductive in appearance, the rangy Machiko is very sparsely clad in a gladiatorial array comprised of Predator netting, battered armor and weaponry. Her chestnut-colored hair is gathered into sleek back-length dreadlocks. Her determined, lushly wrought features are complimented by the stylized red scar marking on her left cheek. Machikos honed prowess is acknowledged by Scar Predator, and she is allowed to accompany the Predators on their hunts.

Movie Masterpiece: She-Predator Machiko is accompanied by a Predator skull base. Her weapons include the following: shoulder-mounted plasma caster, extendable spear, closed Shuriken, wrist blades. Accessories include the following: Predator mask w/ warrior scar, sword & sheath, skull necklace, neck wrap, Alien head/shield.
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