AllerMates Allergy Medicine Case For 2 EpiPens [Squares Pattern]

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AllerMates Allergy Medicine Case For 2 EpiPens [Squares Pattern]
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- The AllerMates medicine case is insulated, with interior straps and pockets.

- Each bag comfortably fits two EpiPens, asthma inhaler and more.

- Measures 8"H X 3"W X 1"D, making this medicine bag a convenient solution to carry allergy medication on the go.

- Easily attaches to pants, backpack, stroller or lunchbox via carabiner cap and/or removable belt.

- Fun, squared pattern featuring AllerMates cartoon characters.

The AllerMates Epi-Pen and Allergy Medicine Carrying Case was designed by a mom determined to make sharing kids' allergy medication with friends, family, nurses, and teachers easy and convenient. Mission accomplished! This high quality, insulated medicine bag easily carries two EpiPens as well as an emergency contact and medical information card. Kids will be able to tote their allergy medication with them wherever they go in a fun, fashionable way!
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Allergy Medicine Case
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