Angry Birds Spring Fling Exclusive Game

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Angry Birds Spring Fling Exclusive Game
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Spring is popping and the birds will have their revenge! Help them in their destructive missions against the bunny eared pigs! Includes: 2 Angry Birds (1 White, 1 Red), 3 Pigs, 2 Bonus Point Bunny Ears, 2 Crackable Eggs, 1 Bird Launcher, 3 Large Girders, 2 Small Girders, 3 Snappable Ice Girders, 2 Ice Blocks, 2 Ice Cubes, 34 Mission Cards, 6 Point Cards and Instructions. For 2 to 4 players. Ages 5 and up. DESCRIPTION Sure to make all your Angry Birds fans SPRING with joy! Features Crackable eggs, snappable girders and bunny ears to add to the angry bird destruction! Players draw a card and build the structure shown before their opponents launch Angry Birds in an attempt to knock down the structure and the pigs to win points. Cards in this edition include 4 levels of difficulty including freestyle! Mission cards show what pieces to use and what to build. Snappable ice pieces make the missions more difficult. Score points for pigs knocked over. Extra points for bunny ears! Crack the eggs to earn extra birds to launch.
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