Batman Featuring Two Face and The Riddler Trade Paperback

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Batman Featuring Two Face and The Riddler Trade Paperback
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Writers: Neil Gaiman, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Andrew Helfer, Alan Grant and Mark Verheiden
Artists: Matt Wagner, George Roussos, Charles Paris, Dick Sprang, Sam Kieth, Kevin Nowlan, Howard Sherman, Chris Sprouse, Frank Springer, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Steve Mitchell, Dick Giordano, Joe Giella, Sid Greene, Pat Broderick, Bernie Mireault, Mike Hoffman

Assembled in this volume are some of the finest stories featuring Two-Face and The Riddler, two of Batman's greatest and most bizarre foes. From their first appearances in the 1940s to more recent epics, these two villains have been featured in some of the best-remembered stories in the Batman mythos. Two-Face... hideously scarred... choosing good or evil by the flip of a coin. The Riddler... constantly challenging the Dark Knight with conundrums and clues. Collecting DETECTIVE COMICS #66, 68, 140 and 377, BATMAN #179, SECRET ORIGINS SPECIAL #1 and BATMAN ANNUAL #14.
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DC Comics
Batman Featuring Two Face and The Riddler
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Trade Paperback
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