Batman Gotham City Showdown Action Figure 7-Pack

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Batman Gotham City Showdown Action Figure 7-Pack
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Gotham Citys biggest heroes face off with infamous villains right out of the package! This 7 figure super showdown contains infinite ways to play out good versus evil. Including two versions of our hero Batman, in iconic blue and grey Batsuit with bladed gloves and cowl, and an exclusive red and silver omni-powerful Azrael Batman with expanded wing span and enhanced combat force, hes ready for extreme action in every situation. Robin - his peerless sidekick - wears signature green and red suit with vibrant gold cape, utility belt and hard-kicking boots. Super archer Green Arrow is militia fierce in an all green suit and mask, wielding his power bow and arrows. Our heroes battle three different villains including The Joker, super soldier Deathstroke and an oversized shape-shifting mutant Clayface. Like Azrael Batman, Clayface is also exclusive to this pack. Three included weapons enhance the fight, force and fun of this 7-pack. Loaded with so many DC Super Heroes and vicious villains, this Gotham City Showdown will excite all Batman fans and make a captivating, unique gift. Ages 3 and older.
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Action Figure 7-Pack
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