Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Playset [Loose]

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Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Playset [Loose]
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The Deluxe Laboratory is housed in an exact replica of Grandpa Max's RV The Rust Bucket. As in the show's storyline, this isn't your every-day R.V.! Open up the R.V. and you have a full Alien scientific laboratory, with cool and creepy activities. If you're feeling really adventurous?Perform an experiment on the Aliens. Make clay molds of each of the 10 Aliens. Clay Included. View the animation disc from the 4 inch collectible figures with the viewer that is built right into the Rust Bucket. Includes 3 animation discs. Open up the beaker and drop in one of the transforming Alien rocks - add water and watch the rock bubble and fizz to then reveal a 1" collectible figure. Includes 2 transforming Alien Rocks. Keep track of your 1" figures by placing them in the built-in storage unit. Silhouettes of each Alien can be found on top of each storage unit.

Conatins ALL parts except 6 of 10 Alien molds. Does not include the original BOX.
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