Beyblade Metal Fury Blitz Striker Single Pack B-142

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Beyblade Metal Fury Blitz Striker Single Pack B-142
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Let It Rip with Beyblade battles and launch into a universe of collecting and customizing excitement! There are two awesome worlds in the Beyblade universe: Beyblade tops and Beywheelz battlers. Collect the multi-piece tops and battlers and customize them for battle in Beystadiums and Beyarenas. Plan your strategy and assemble your customized creation to optimize your battle plan. The more tops and battlers you collect, the more customizing options you have at your fingertips. You can take the battle online with codes that let you launch into virtual Beyblade battles. Featuring toys from the Beyblade animated television programming, Beyblade tops and Beywheelz battlers let you experience the excitement of Beyblade for yourself as you Let It Rip!
Blitz Striker 100SF is a five-piece top with a Low-profile track and Semi-Flat tip for aggressive movement and stability. Performance type is attack (built to move aggressively and hit opponents with power).
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Single Pack
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