Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome

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Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome
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Take your battles to the next level with the tops, tools and arena in the DESTROYER DOME Set! Get ready for a whole new kind of battle in the DESTROYER DOME arena, because this arena is closed and tops zip up the sides for gravity-defying combat! Pit the included 2 tops against each other. Will your SPIRAL FOX tops tough Defense tip allow it to withstand the attacks of your CYCLONE HERCULEO top, with its Flat tip for aggressive movement? For even more incredible action in the DESTROYER DOME arena, customize your tops with the exclusive DOME SPIN TRACK accessories. Use the G58 for extra gripping power or the V61 for less surface friction. After youve practiced on your own, challenge your friends to a smackdown! Youve got everything you need to start battling with the DESTROYER DOME set!
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Metal Fury
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