Beyblade Metal Fury Divine Crown Single Pack B-137

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Beyblade Metal Fury Divine Crown Single Pack B-137
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Collect, customize and compete with BEYBLADE PERFORMANCE TOP SYSTEM spinning battle tops! DIVINE CROWN TR145D is a five-piece top with a Triple Roller SPIN TRACK part that helps deflect attacks and a tough Defense PERFORMANCE TIP part that helps withstand attacks. Performance type is defense (built to be stationary in battle and ward off attacks by opponents).
Part of the PERFORMANCE TOP SYSTEM, DIVINE CROWN TR145D is designed for defense. Five-piece tops Triple Roller SPIN TRACK piece helps deflect attacks! Tough Defense PERFORMANCE TIP part helps withstand attacks. Combine parts from different tops (sold separately) to see how it changes the way they battle! Includes 5-piece top, RIPCORD LAUNCHER, instructions, collector card and assembly tool. B-137 DIVINE CROWN TR145D Defense
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Single Pack
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