Beyblade Metal Masters Earth Virgo BB-60

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Beyblade Metal Masters Earth Virgo BB-60
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"Turn up the excitement with this awesome customizable top! Choose among the tops five pieces and use the assembly tool to engineer just the right performance. Want to increase your tops stamina and stability? Add the SPIN TRACK: GB145 piece. Need to maintain your tops spin? Be sure to include the PERFORMANCE TIP: BS piece. Then, set your top up on its launcher, pull the ripcord and send it spinning into action! Sharpen your skills on your own or battle it out with your friends in any Beystadium arena (sold separately) theyll be up against some serious competition with you and your Earth Virgo top!
Top includes FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: Virgo, FUSION WHEEL: Earth, SPIN TRACK: GB145 and PERFORMANCE TIP: BS pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER and assembly tool.
Stamina BB-60 GB145BS 25966 Earth Virgo
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Metal Masters
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Single Pack
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