Beyblade XTS Tornado Battlers Pegasus, Leone & Destroyer Top 3-Pack

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Beyblade XTS Tornado Battlers Pegasus, Leone & Destroyer Top 3-Pack
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Part of the EXTREME TOP SYSTEM, the BEYBLADE TORNADO BATTLERS tops are designed for angled attacks and awesome battles! This 3-pack gives you the power and flexibility of 1 left-spin and 2 right-spin tops. The X-03 TORNADO PEGASUS top specializes in awesome attack moves with its angled spinning action and flat tip that generates an aggressive spin. The X-04 TORNADO LEONE top is great at fending off attacks with its special side-spin moves and tough defense tip. Need versatility? The X-05 TORNADO DESTROYER top can spin either right or left to optimize your attacks. Separately, these tops were designed for maximum winning potential. But as a 3-pack, theyll bring your BEYBLADE battles to a whole new level!

3-pack of specialized TORNADO BATTLERS tops includes 1 left-spin and 2 right-spin tops! Each top has a special feature to increase your chances of winning battles! Includes almost everything you need to start battling right away - just add a BEYSTADIUM (sold separately)! 3 TORNADO BATTLERS tops come with 2 right-spin RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 1 left-spin RIPCORD LAUNCHER, 3 collector cards and instructions. X-03 TORNADO PEGASUS, X-04 TORNADO LEONE and X-05 TORNADO DESTROYER.
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