Pick Up Your Divergent Powers Tin Today!

Pick Up Your Divergent Powers Tin Today!

Posted by Paul Masbad on Jun 22nd 2022

Just released last week, Pokemon added another tin series for all of us collectors; the Divergent Powers Tin! With this series we get three different tins; the Hisuian Decidueye VSamurott V, and Typhlosion V.

Each tin comes with a promo card of the respective pokemon. I actually really like the designs of the tins and I’m glad that the Hisuian versions of these pokemon are getting the spotlight.

Inside the tins, you can find 5 booster packs (probably from the most recent sets), the aforementioned promo card for the pokemon on the tin, and a code card for Pokemon TCG Live. 


I’ve had some pretty good luck with pulls whenever I buy a tin so I hope the 2022 Divergent Powers tins follows suit. Be sure to pick yours up today!