Boom Boom Balloon Game

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Boom Boom Balloon Game
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Have a Blast with Boom Boom Balloon
In Boom Boom Balloon, nobody know when the balloon will go BOOM! This simple and easy game is non-stop fun for two or more players ages 8 and up. Great for any family game night.
The Game Where You Never Know When the Balloon will... BOOM!
Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. For every number they roll, they must push the in stick in the name number of clicks. Tension mounts as each player takers turns rolling the dice and continues to push in the sticks. Watch the balloon stretch, squish and change shape. Will the next click of the stick make the balloon blow? If the balloon explodes on your turn, you lose.
What's in the Box?

Comes with 1 Balloon Frame, 12 Silly Faced Balloons, 1 Die, 10 Sticks, and 1 Instruction Guide
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