Card Supplies Star Wars A New Hope Card Sleeves [50 count]

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Card Supplies Star Wars A New Hope Card Sleeves [50 count]
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Fantasy Flight Supply Star Wars Art Sleeves combine beautiful art with top-quality card protection. There are no card sleeves stronger with the Force. With Fantasy Flight Supplys six new limited edition Star Wars Art Sleeves, you can capture the riveting fantasy and epic scope of the original Star Wars trilogy as you protect your cards! Star fighters, the galaxys greatest heroes, and dynamic artwork. Each of the six new designs for our limited edition Star Wars Art Sleeves evokes compelling action from the classic movies even while they unbeaten protection. Star Wars Art Sleeves are made of clear, 100 micron-thick, non-PVC, acid-free polypropelene plastic, meaning the sleeves are durable and free of damaging chemicals that could corrode your cards. Feel the Force flow through you as you play with cards shielded by these six new Star Wars Art Sleeves!
- Limited edition sleeves feature dramatic Star Wars art
- Durable 100 micron-thick polypropelene plastic provides top-quality protection
- Six new designs feature star fighters, light sabers, droids, and legendary heroes
- Players can immerse themselves in the epic space fantasy of Star Wars.

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