CrazyClips Shine 10-Pack

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CrazyClips Shine 10-Pack
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What can you do with Crazyclips?
Kids One minute your CrazyClip is holding together your homework, and when its done with that job, clip it to your t-shirt to add some bling!
* Attach a row of CrazyClips to your shoe laces
* School spirit day? No problem use a few CrazyClips in your schools colors to decorate your-shirt pocket
* Going on a beach trip? String together a few of your favorite CrazyClips to identify your beach bag
* Link CrazyClips together to make a necklace, bracelet, or even a belt!
* Attach one or two CrazyClips to your zipper for a super cool zipper pull!
* Princess Crazyclips would sure make great hairclips for your Barbie dolls.
* Make homework more fun, CrazyClip your papers, articles, and book reports
* Collect and trade with your friends!
Adults Why would colored shaped clips be just for kids?
* Who needs expensive wine glass rings? Let your guests use different CrazyClips to identify their drinks!
* Keep a few in your purse to CrazyClip together your coupons there is even one shaped like a shopping cart!
* Use your favorite sports CrazyClip as a money clip
* Use one CrazyClip to identify your keys, and another to clip them all together
* CrazyClips book marks
* No need to fold down pages of magazines, CrazyClip them!
* Hang your kids artwork with a CrazyClip or two
* Funky tie clips!
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