DC Universe Classics Wave 4 Ares Action Figure #5

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DC Universe Classics Wave 4 Ares Action Figure #5
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Save the world (and your collection) with these ever-popular heroes! From Mattel and the DC Universe, this exciting batch of 7-inch scale Action Figures features brilliant colors, tons of detail, and plenty of articulation. Plus, each amazing character comes with an extra accessory that enables you to build a special bonus figure! Don't miss out on this exceptional assortment!

Ares: This version of Ares is a monstrous, shadowy figure clad in ornate blue armor, boots gauntlets, a horn-studded helmet and a floor-length blue cape; Ares is equipped with a silver sword and a silver axe. Befitting his godhood, Ares boasts nearly indestructible armor and is imbued with vast strength. Ares wields mastery over any type of weapon, and is adept at instigating war without revealing his true presence. His powers allow him to alter his physical substance into any form he chooses.
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