Digimon Xros Wars Mailbirdramon PVC Figure #05

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Digimon Xros Wars Mailbirdramon PVC Figure #05
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Mailbirdramon is Raptor-type Flying Digimon. It performs reconnaissance on the status of the battle from the sky, and as its specialty, it performs air support strikes which inflict precise amounts of damage to the opponent using Hit-and-run tactics. Its movements are lightning-fast and its vision, eagle-eyed. In particular, its "Nighthawk", in which it covertly approaches the opponent then performs an aerial bombing, is a tactic which fully utilizes Mail Birdramon's characteristics. Its "Plasma Cannon", in which it shoots the opponent at point-blank range with an ultra-high energy plasma shell from its mouth, is also powerful enough to exterminate the opponent, so its comprehensive fighting strength is far greater than that of Digimon who only possess the ability for close combat.
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Xros Wars
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