Disney Cars Hydro Wheels Mack Plastic Car

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Disney Cars Hydro Wheels Mack Plastic Car
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Kids' favorite characters from Disney/Pixar's Cars are making a big splash! These large-scale bath racers feature pull back racing action and a special water feature to enhance the silly antics and water fun. This zippy ride actually drives on the surface of the water and features true-to-movie detailing with big wheels that give the car its float-ability. Shy firetruck Red sprays water out of his nozzle when you press on the ladder, and Mack sprays water out of his mouth when you press on his hat! Just pull back on a hard surface to rev up, let go on land or in water, and watch them take off! Rub a dub dub, I'll race you to the tub! Pool time and bath time are about to be the best time on four wheels.
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Plastic Car
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