Disney Cars Playsets Lightning McQueen Alive Exclusive Diecast Car Playset

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Disney Cars Playsets Lightning McQueen Alive Exclusive Diecast Car Playset
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Everyones favorite Cars racer comes to life with Lightning McQueen Alive. Featuring never before seen innovation in the iconic Cars 1:55th scale, Lightning McQueen Alive packs big personality in a small package utilizing cutting-edge micro technology. Ready to interact with kids and collectors, Lightning McQueen shows you the moves that won him the Piston Cup including doughnuts, drifting turns and more. His high-power micro motors drive forward, reverse and full 360 turns. Lightning McQueen Alive also moves his eyes, shrugs his shoulders and speaks with an incredibly lifelike moving mouth. Capture all the on-screen magic as Lightning McQueen Alive says over 40 signature phrases, squeals his tires and interacts with you. When Lightning McQueen needs to refuel after a long days play, simply place him back on the included gas station charger to refresh his batteries.
Technology Includes:
3 Micro Motors
1 used for the life-like, moving MOUTH
1 used for SHOULDER & EYE movement
1 used for DRIVING: including forward, reverse, turning.
Cell Phone Speakers and Amplifier for amazing sound
Integrated Touch Sensors for user interaction
Rechargeable, Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging Stand.
2.00 LBS
Mattel Toys
Product Type:
Diecast Car Playset
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