Fisher Price TRIO King's Warship Playset

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Fisher Price TRIO King's Warship Playset
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The TRIO Kings Warship with bricks, sticks and panels provides more ways for kids to build their creativity. The set features easy to attach parts that click and hold together for big building play. The Warship brings the battle of good (King) and evil (Wizard) to sea! The boat is assembled completely of bricks, sticks and panels.. The set includes a variety of bricks, sticks and panels and specialty parts like curved hull panels, working cannon, treasure chest, sails, deck rails, 2 barrels and 2 King's knight figures.
- 100 piece building set
- Includes lots of different accessories including treasure chest, working cannon, and 2 knight figures.
- Uses bricks, sticks and panels
- Easy to assemble
- TRIO helps build your child's creativity.

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Fisher Price
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