Forces of Valor Battle Extreme Series German Tiger I & Soliders 1/7

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Forces of Valor Battle Extreme Series German Tiger I & Soliders 1/7
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In the early 1930's, the German Army wanted to develop a heavy tank to reinforce their armored units. The Third Reich designed the Tiger tank, which was planned to be a "concentration point weapon" and would supplement existing armored regiments. Despite technical problems at the onset of deployment, and an unfavorable power-to-weight ratio, the Tiger I was the main and dominant heavy battle tank for the German Army until the end of the Third Reich.

This highly detailed 1:72 scale version of the German Tiger I Tank depicts the vehicle as seen at Normandy in 1944.

This German Tiger I Tank is part of Forces Of Valor's Battle Extreme Series of 1:72 vehicles and soldiers. The 1:72 scale die cast metal vehicle is approximately 3.5 inches long (5 inches long with gun barrel) and comes complete with a tank commander figure and four soldiers plus added accessories such as a tank trap and street light. This terrific combination of tank plus soldiers plus accessories makes a great diorama scene or playset!
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Battle Extreme Series
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