Forces of Valor Battle Extreme Series Russian T34/85 & Soliders 1/7

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Forces of Valor Battle Extreme Series Russian T34/85 & Soliders 1/7
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In the early battles along the Russian Front the T-34 tank proved very formidable against the German medium tanks. However, by 1943, the newer German heavy tanks necessitated greater firepower from the Russian arsenal. The T-34 was modified with a heavier armor hull and a more powerful 85MM gun. The larger turret and gun made the m85 T34 look unbalanced, but the solidly built tank maintained its agility, speed, and maneuverability to effectively engage the larger German Tanks.

The 500 horsepower diesel engine enabled speeds up to 35 MPH, and the range could be extended to 300 miles with auxiliary fuel tanks.

This 1:72 scale version of the T34/85 depicts the tank as seen on the Eastern Front in 1945.

This Russian T-34 tank is part of Forces Of Valor's Micro Military Vehicles Series, and is the Enthusiast's Edition, which is the extremely detailed version of this vehicle. The 1:72 scale die cast metal vehicle is approximately 3 inches long (4.5 inches long with gun barrel) and has a turret that rotates. It comes complete with a Tank Commander figure, three Russian and four German soldiers, plus added accessories such as obstacles. This terrific combination of tank plus soldiers plus accessories makes a great diorama scene or playset!
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