GI Joe Retaliation Dark Ninja Action Figure

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GI Joe Retaliation Dark Ninja Action Figure
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The DARK NINJA is the most highly trained of all the evil RED NINJAS and an expert in aerial assaults. He descends silently from the sky using an attack glider. With menacing saber-claws on his arms and legs, hes ready to strike the G.I. JOE team!
G.I. JOE is the ultimate commando, but hes got a fight on his hands with the forces of COBRA! This scary DARK NINJA figure is armed to the teeth and has the weaponry and cunning to take on whatever his G.I. JOE enemies (other figures sold separately) throw at him. With his attack glider, this commando figure can drop silently into any fight with his ninja weapons and win! Attach his saber claws to his arms or his legs for even more intense battle action. Will he and his weapons prevail against the forces of good? Its all in your hands!
Rough and ready DARK NINJA figure comes heavily armed! Attack glider attaches to his arms! Wings open! Battle swords! Saber claws attach to arms or legs!
Figure comes with weapon accessories.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 and up.
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