GI Joe Retaliation Joe Colton Action Figure

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GI Joe Retaliation Joe Colton Action Figure
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Joe Colton is the original G.I. Joe hero. He returns to action in the nick of time as the G.I. Joe team fights off evil Cobra forces. Incredibly brave and strong, Joe Colton blasts the enemy with his mighty arsenal, including a rapid-fire four-barreled missile launcher!
This awesome Joe Colton figure is the real G.I. Joe, and hes ready to jump into your adventures! Hes a patriotic hero with an enormous arsenal, and if his weapons arent enough to defeat his Cobra enemies, hes got some even bigger firepower. Put his missile launcher on his shoulder and attach it to the shoulder harness. Pull the ripcord to launch all 4 missiles at his foe! Will the forces of Cobra get in his way, or will they run and hide? Its all in your hands! Build your G.I. Joe army with this Joe Colton figure!
Awesome detailed figure looks like the Joe Colton character! Includes weapons. Missile launcher fires with ripcord! Launcher attaches to shoulder harness. Combine weapons for a bigger battle! Includes 4 missiles.
Figure comes with accessories.
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