GI Joe Series 1 Mystery Box

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GI Joe Series 1 Mystery Box
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The Loyal Subjects have redesigned Hasbro's classic G.I. Joe characters for a line of vinyl mini-figures! These new designs feature Duke, Destro, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Zartan, Gung-Ho, and Snow Job in a super-deformed style. Each figure ships in a foil bag, are articulated in each arm and at the neck, and feature a scaled weapon from their original 3.75" release. Designed by Les Schettkoe, these blind mystery boxed figures prove that NOT knowing is half the battle (and fun)! Collect them all! Blind mystery box packaging. Look for the chase figures (randomly inserted, each box is not guaranteed to have chase figures)!
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The Loyal Subjects
GI Joe Series 1
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Mystery Box