GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow Exclusive 12 Inch Action Figure

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GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow Exclusive 12 Inch Action Figure
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Two legendary ninjasSTORM SHADOW and SNAKE EYES*battle each other on ninja cycles! These two martial arts masters rev up the action with a duel on wheels. The COBRA* ninja mercenary strikes his G.I. JOE enemy with swords, speed and skill!
STORM SHADOW is a ninja mercenary who works for COBRA. Skilled in several martial arts forms, this cold-blooded hunter was trained by the mystical ARASHIKAGE ninja clan and is the sworn enemy of SNAKE EYES*, the G.I. JOE teams ninja commando.
Race into the biggest ninja throw-down yet with this articulated action figure and super-slick motorcycle vehicle. Put your STORM SHADOW figure astride this speed-demon and make sure hes got all of his weapons accessories with him, because hell definitely need them for his all-out battle! Get ready to send him roaring into actionbut before you do, put on your special ARASHIKAGE temporary tattoo so everyone will know youre a special ninja master, too!
Figure comes with motorcycle, accessories, ARASHIKAGE* temporary tattoo, stickers and instructions.
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The Rise of Cobra
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12 Inch Action Figure
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