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Hexbug Aquabot Teal Fish 3-Inch Electronic Pet

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The robotic fish that really swims! Water brings it to life! Its hexagon packaging even turns into a travel size tank!
HEXBUG Aquabot provides kids with the fun experience of having a pet fish, without all the messy clean-up. The hexagon packaging can be used as a travel size mini-tank, or this robotic pet fish can be set to motion in a sink, a bathtub or even a swimming pool!

The first water-born HEXBUG micro robotic creature with smart fish technology!
Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion, this swimming fish dives up and down, changing directions to explore its environment.
Packaging turns into travel size tank
Equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water.
1 HEXBUG Aquabot
Two button cell batteries AG13 (LR44) are included in each fish.

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