Iron Man 2 Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters

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Iron Man 2 Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters
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Iron Man fans will love our Iron Man 3.75 inch Rolling HQ Vehicle! Take charge of your Iron Man figure's mission anywhere you send him! Set your figure in the cockpit of this vehicle and send him racing for adventure. When it's time to plan your big battle, convert the vehicle into the headquarters playset and choose your mission. The glowing "holo-screen" lets you view your armor cards and the buttons activate battle sounds and thrilling mission phrases! Get the launching platform in the right position by rotating it and elevating it just where you want it. When your battle plan is set, gear up your figure with his customizable and interchangeable accessories and send him charging into the thick of the battle! Electronic vehicle with lights, sounds and missile accessories converts to awesome headquarters playset! Vehicle comes with Iron Man figure, accessories and armor cards.
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Iron Man 2
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