Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask Roleplay Toy

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Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask Roleplay Toy
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Feel just like your favorite armored hero with this high-tech Iron Man Mission Mask! When you pull on the mask and its visor lights up, youll feel like the coolest armored Avenger in the neighborhood! Youll be armed for battle with the masks dual missile launchers. Light up your target for precision aim with the targeting light bean and then fire the 4 missiles! The mask makes realistic blasting sounds and says Iron Man phrases like "Weapons activated!" Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit and get ready for sweet Iron Man adventures. Power up with the ARC FX Mission Mask!
Cool Iron Man ARC FX Mission Mask lets you feel like your armored hero! Targeting light beam! Dual missile launchers! Includes 4 missiles. Awesome blasting sounds! Glowing visor lights! Adjustable straps. Combine with the ARC FX Wrist Repulsor toy (sold separately) for the full Iron Man look!
Mask comes with 4 missiles and instructions.
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Roleplay Toy
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