Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Iron Man Action Figure

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Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Iron Man Action Figure
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IRON MAN is always ready for battle, no matter where it occurs. On the ground, hes a walking tank, with enough artillery to take out an armored battalion. In the air, hes a supersonic hero, more maneuverable than any jet, and packing enough power to take on anything.
Battle in 2 motion-activated modes with this advanced ARC STRIKE IRON MAN figure! Hes got the armor and combat skills to take his enemies out in ground attack mode, but all you have to do is tilt him forward to put him in air attack mode! The combat sounds, pulsing lights and battle phrases make the action all the more supersonic! Take your IRON MAN adventures to the next level with your ARC STRIKE IRON MAN figure!
Powerful ARC STRIKE IRON MAN figure has 2 motion-activated battle modes! Set figure on his feet for ground attack mode! Tilt figure forward to activate air attack mode! Combat sounds! Pulsing lights! Figure says phrases like "Supersonic flight engage!" and "Fire all weapons!"
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Iron Man 3
Arc Strike
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Action Figure
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