Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Iron Patriot Action Figure

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Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Iron Patriot Action Figure
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WAR MACHINE got an upgrade. Outfitted with powerful new weapons designed to counter any threat, and a paint job designed to let the bad guys know freedom has a new champion, the IRON PATRIOT is the front line in the fight against evil.
This red, white and blue ARC STRIKE IRON PATRIOT figure is ready to take on the forces of evil in defense of his country! Hes got the flight skills to outmaneuver his enemies, and his flip-up missile launcher gives him major firepower. When he lifts his arm, the launcher deploys, and then all you have to do is push the button for a double-barreled blast! The combat sounds, pulsing lights and battle phrases make the action all the more "supersonic"! Take your IRON MAN adventures to the next level with your ARC STRIKE IRON PATRIOT figure!
Powerful ARC STRIKE IRON PATRIOT figure! Flip-up missile launcher! Combat sounds! Battle phrases! Lift arm to deploy missile blaster! Launching double-barrel missile! Figure says phrases like "Engage targets!" and "Weve got incoming!"
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Iron Man 3
Arc Strike
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Action Figure
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