IronDie Silver Powerup Ultra Rare Single Die #162

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IronDie Silver Powerup Ultra Rare Single Die #162
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The IronDie line of specialty dice are some of the most creative dice in the world. With their wide range of stunning shapes and brilliant colors there is a selection of dice that is just right for each and every gamer. IronDice are the perfect high-end accessory for CCG & RPG players, board-gamers & war-gamers alike.

Each die is crafted with care in a small metal shop in Milan, Italy. These are truly the first ever Designer Dice and are meticulously developed with an eye toward variety and unprecedented shapes.

Ultra Rare Silver-Plated Die
Each Irondie hobby shop is allocated very few of these ultra rare beautiful silver-plated limited edition dice.
0.50 LBS
Green Lakes Games
Product Type:
Single Die
Ultra Rare
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