Kegzie Beverage Cooler

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Kegzie Beverage Cooler

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Tiny kegger
- Beverage holder that looks like a keg
- Fun for tailgating or BBQ parties
- Smallest keg on the planet, guaranteed.

Hold us closer, tiny kegger. We'll be your blue jean baby and give you a pirate smile and go dancing in the sand. Are we drunk? Only on life, friends. Only on life.

With the Kegzie Beverage Cooler your tiny kegger will be always with you, a tiny kegger in your hand. Do we need to say more?

Product Specifications:

- Beverage holder that looks like a tiny keg
- Holds any standard sized can of beverage
- Can be used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
- Materials: Comfy, cold-saving foamy stuff
- Care: Hand wash with a damp cloth and mild detergent
- Tiny Kegger may be tiny, but consumption of multiple tiny keggers can be dangerous. Always designate one person to fill their tiny kegger with lemonade.
3.00 LBS
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