K'NEX Angry Birds King Pig Castle Set #72662

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K'NEX Angry Birds King Pig Castle Set #72662
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Bring your children's favorite characters from the Angry Birds games out of the screen and into your home with the K'NEX Angry Birds King Pig Castle Building Set. You and your children can construct the Angry Birds world, complete with a launcher that lets the birds wage war on the pigs. Fans of the game will quickly recognize their favorite elements of the game in the 372 pieces, which includes parts that resemble the stone and wood used as shelter in the game.
The K'NEX King Pig Castle Building Set includes four pigs and five birds, and the pieces for you to construct a slingshot launcher and a castle to house the pigs. Once constructed, it's just like the game: load a bird into the launcher and take out the pigs. There is strategy involved in taking out all the pigs. Sometimes it is best to take an indirect route to killing the pigs, such as using the bird to knock a large rock that would, in turn, take out the pigs. Once you knock down all the pigs, you can create another castle for the next turn.
There are enough pieces in The King Pig Castle to construct one level. Children can also create their own structures using their imagination. The included instructions provide an illustrated step-by-step guide to assembling both the launcher and the building.
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