LEGO Bionicle Limited Edition Collector Pack Set #65716

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LEGO Bionicle Limited Edition Collector Pack Set #65716
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Visorak Vohtarak: Hordes of these spider like creatures appeared in Metru Nui following the great quake. They quickly took over the Coliseum and spread out through the metru, weaving their webs and capturing Rahi. All Visorak have the ability to create and climb webs as well as a default paralysis power in their spinners. There are six known breeds of Visorak. Toa Hordika Mask: The Toa Metru have returned to Metru Nui to save the Matoran, who still lie sleeping in spheres beneath the Coliseum. But the city of legends has become a city of shadows, overrun by spider like creatures called Visorak. Captured by their new foes, the Toa Metru are transformed into half-hero, half-beast Toa Hordika. Now they must fight the Visorak, and their own savage natures, or see their hope of rescuing the Matoran destroyed! Sidorak: King of the Visorak hordes, a mighty conqueror who has led his legions across many lands and has never met defeat. He is impatient and temperamental, determined to make short work of Metru Nui and seal his alliance with Roodaka. A good strategist, he prefers to be out in the field with his hordes than in the Coliseum, which is part of the reason he does not know that Roodaka schemes against him. Sidorak's Rhotuka spinner causes whoever it hits to instantly obey him. His herding blade is both an effective tool and a means to signal the Visorak without having to speak.
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