LEGO City Cargo Train Exclusive Set #7939

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LEGO City Cargo Train Exclusive Set #7939
Warning: Product Contains Small Parts. Not Intended For Children Under 4 Years of Age.
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Load up the new Cargo Train and send it down the line!
Use the big crane to load and unload containers and cars from the train and container truck. Open the canopies on the engine to reveal the drivers cabins on either end; use the 4-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to transport the goods along the tracks around the LEGO City! Includes 4 minifigures: 1 train driver and 3 freight yard workers. Includes a full set of tracks: 2 switch tracks, 8 straight tracks, 16 curved tracks, 16 flexible tracks that equal the length of 4 straight tracks.

* Includes 4 minifigures: 1 train driver and 3 freight yard workers
* Train features engine, tank wagon, flatbed container wagon and auto carrier with 2 cars
* Also includes LEGO Power Functions battery box, infrared receiver, medium motor and 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that controls up to 8 different trains at once
* The big crane's winch really works!
* Train measures over 34" (88cm) long
* Requires 9 AAA batteries
* Train is compatible with LEGO 9V tracks; Tracks are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains.
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