LEGO City Harbour Exclusive Set #4645

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LEGO City Harbour Exclusive Set #4645
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The LEGO City Harbor is bursting with activity!
Its a busy day down at the LEGO City Harbor as ships dock and unload their goods! Use the crane to unload the grain from the cargo ship, then drop it onto the conveyor belt and move it into the awaiting truck. The chief officer keeps his dock running smoothly as trucks and ships come and go full of cargo, while a fisherman is busy catching his dinner on the pier!
* Includes 4 minifigures: fisherman, worker, crane driver and chief officer
* Vehicles include large cargo ship, crane and heavy-duty truck
* Features conveyor and light tower
* Accessories include fishing rod, fuel tank, trash bin, pier elements, trolley, a rat and grain
* Store grain inside the ships compartments!
* Move the crane to drop grain onto the conveyor belt!
* Turn the conveyor belt to transport the grain onto the truck for transport!
* Measures over 15 (38cm) wide, 9 (22cm) long and 8 (20cm) tall
* Large cargo ship measures over 16 (40cm) long, 3 (7cm) wide and 5 (12cm) tall
* Truck measures over 5 (12cm) long and 3 (7cm) tall
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