LEGO City Space Center Set #3368

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LEGO City Space Center Set #3368

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Send the LEGO City space explorers on a mission to Mars!
3...2...1...blastoff! Its a big day at the LEGO City Space Center and everyone is readying the rocket to launch! Fill up with fuel first and use the mechanic to adjust the rockets engines. Activate the elevator to load the astronauts into their cockpit. Then get back to the control center to start the countdown. Make it your mission to send this super crew into space!
* Includes 4 minifigures: 2 astronauts, an operator and a mechanic
* Features rocket, control center, launch platform, satellite, countdown clock, vehicle, spacesuit, fuel tank and tool station
* Fill up the rocket with the fuel tank and pump!
* Activate the elevator to lift the astronauts up to the cockpit!
* Use the tools to adjust the rocket engines!
* Load the satellite before blastoff!
* Rocket measures over 14 (35cm) tall
* Control center measures over 5 (12cm) wide and 2 (5cm) tall
* Vehicle measures over 1 (2cm) wide and 2 (5cm) long
* Launch platform measures over 10 (25cm) wide, 10 (25cm) long and 11 (27cm) tall
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