LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island Set #5770

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LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island Set #5770
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Keep the harbor safe with the 3-in-1 lighthouse!
Everything you need for a safe ocean cove is right here! This 3-in-1 lighthouse rebuilds into a sturdy boathouse with a warning light and a cozy seafood restaurant! Use the binoculars as you peer out of the lighthouse for incoming ships! Press the roof to activate the LEGO light brick and turn the handle to rotate the mirror to warn ships lost in the fog! Open the back of the lighthouse to access the stove and ladder. Once the ships are safe, rebuild into a boathouse to dock your motorboat or change into a seafood restaurant with a light-up oven to offer the sailors a warm meal.
* Includes minifigure
* Features jetty with motorboat, LEGO light brick, binoculars, stove, ladder, grill, 2 buildable seagulls and 2 fish
* 3 models in 1: lighthouse rebuilds into a boathouse with lifeboat or seafood restaurant with fishing boat
* Features LEGO light brick, rotating mirror and removable back for easy access
* Spin the boats propellors!
* Shine the light to guide passing ships!
* Launch the boat from the Lifeboat House with the handle!
* Light the fire in the fish grill of the Seafood Restaurant!
* Lighthouse measures 10 (25cm) tall and 8 (20cm) wide
* Boat measures over 4 (10cm) long and 2 (5cm) wide
* Lifeboat House measures over 8 (21cm) long, 7 (16cm) wide and 5 (12cm) tall
* Seafood Restaurant measures over 9 (23cm) long, 4 (12cm) wide and 5 (13cm) tall
6.00 LBS
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