LEGO Exo Force Fight for the Golden Tower Set #8107

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LEGO Exo Force Fight for the Golden Tower Set #8107
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Battle tower of the Golden City!
Don't let this majestic tower fool you - it's a battle station in disguise! Guarded by new pilot Hitomi, the Golden Tower protects the secret codes that EXO-FORCE needs to win the battle against the robots. When the Sonic Raven attacks from the skies with double firing rockets and twin rotating turbines, fight back with the towers launching missile, golden swords and more! With a hi-tech computer center at the base and a training room at the top, this tower may just be the key to victory.

* Turn the crank to lower the Golden Tower gate!
* Launch the Golden Tower missile!
* Turn the crank on the Sonic Raven to spin its turbines!
* Sonic Raven has moveable wings and launchers that really fire!
* Golden Tower measures 9" (23 cm) tall!
* Sonic Raven is 9" (23 cm) long and 12" (31 cm) wide!
* Includes Hitomi minifigure!
* Includes special code to unlock extra content at
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