LEGO Exo Force Sentai Fortress Set #7709

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LEGO Exo Force Sentai Fortress Set #7709
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The battle for Sentai Fortress has begun!
The robot army has stormed Tenchii Bridge and is attacking Sentai Fortress! Can the humans fight them off and win the battle? You decide! This giant-sized EXO-FORCE battle set features a massive gate, two towers, human and robot battle machines, a repair bay, laser cannons, light-up elements, and much more! Get set for adventure as Hikaru, Takeshi, Ha-Ya-To, and Ryo fight the Iron Drones led by Meca One.
* Includes Sensei Keiken, leader of EXO-FORCE, not available in any other set!
* Total of 8 minifigures are included: Keiken, Hikaru, Ryo, Ha-Ya-To, Meca One and 2 Iron Drone robot pilots!
* Includes Hikaru's full-sized blue battle machine, Silent Strike!
* Use the repair bay to fix the battle machines!
* Fortress is over 31" (79cm) wide and 17" (43cm) tall!
* Set includes 2 light bricks for powering up!
* Special vehicles ride the rails atop the fortress!
* Robot battle machine features rapid disk launcher!
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