LEGO Hero Factory EVO XL Machine Set #44022

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LEGO Hero Factory EVO XL Machine Set #44022
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Triumph over the evil beasts with the rotating EVO XL Machine!
Go, go, EVO! After the beasts destroyed your Walker, like a true hero youve bounced back and built the ultimate XL machine to support the other heroes in battle. The new weapons youve created, plus the shooter, flick missiles and rotating machine top will allow you to take on beasts attacking from all angles. You have all the technology, so go and win back Antropolis City for its good citizens once and for all. Includes EVO mini robot with a weapon and accessory.
Includes EVO mini robot with a weapon and accessory
Features detachable seat, adjustable visor, rotating torso, shooter, flick missile shooter, canister, translucent elements and attachment points for more weapons
Includes gun and com device for the mini robot
Includes 2 wild jumpers make them jump with a flick of your finger!
Fend off the beasts with the shooter and flick missiles
Capture the evil jumpers in the canister
Use weapons from all the other heroes to power up the XL Machine for the fight against the hordes of jumpers and beasts
Stands over 9 (23cm) tall
1.50 LBS
Hero Factory
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