LEGO Hero Factory Mark Surge Set #7169

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LEGO Hero Factory Mark Surge Set #7169
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Give Von Nebula a major shock with Surge!
Paging Rookie Surge! Von Nebula and his evil minions are causing major chaos and must be stopped. Report immediately to the Refitting Room to be mission-equipped with lightning weapon, electricity shield and armour. Then proceed to the Quaza Chamber to recharge your hero core. Time to show us what youre made of!
The story is based in Makuhero City.The main building of the city is the Assembly Tower, a 589 meters high, 715 meters wide and 924 meters long tower. It is driven by "cold fusion" and it employs a total of 11,127 employees. By calling the call center victims can report their emergency and call on a robotic hero.
Inside the Assembly Tower, these heroes are built every day. They are the product of work from design experts and robot construction specialists. These robotic heroes are fitted with solid fibre-carbide plating, Quasa cores and equipped with helmets and equipment to fight evil with guts and gadgets. Once constructed, they are placed in special hero pods and beamed across the galaxy and across time to defeat evil and solve their various missions.
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