LEGO Legends of Chima Ultimate Speedor Tournament Set #70115

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LEGO Legends of Chima Ultimate Speedor Tournament Set #70115
Warning: Product Contains Small Parts. Not Intended For Children Under 4 Years of Age.
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Enter the Ultimate Speedor Tournament!
Deep in the lion territory of Chima, the tribes are gathering for the Ultimate Speedor Tournament. Attach Laval and Cragger onto the Speedorz. Then pull the rip cord to speed through the lions mouth and release the CHI! Fly up the ramp, hit the CHI tower and release even more CHI! Attach the power-upz to make the Speedorz wider for additional battling power! Set includes 2 minifigures, 4 weapons, 2 Speedorz, 2 rip cords, 2 power-upz, ramp, 2 fire cones, 12 CHI and 10 game cards. Put your skills of accuracy and timing to the test with this game for 1 or more players!

Includes Laval and Cragger minifigures with 4 weapons
Features lions mouth with target and CHI launch function, CHI tower, 2 CHI orbs, ramp and 2 fire cones.
Also includes lion and croc Speedorz, 2 rip cords, 2 power-upz, 12 CHI and 10 game cards
Weapons include 2 CHI weapons and 2 secondary weapons
Hit the lions mouth target and release the CHI orb!
Hit the CHI tower and grab the CHI orb!
Pull the rip cord and unleash the Speedor!
Battle for the powerful CHI!
Attach the power-upz for even more battling power!
Compete with your friends in an action-packed game of skill!
Collect the entire LEGO Chima Speedorz series to create combo games!
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Legends of Chima
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