LEGO Pharaoh's Quest Rise of the Sphinx Set #7326

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LEGO Pharaoh's Quest Rise of the Sphinx Set #7326
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Sneak past the giant Sphinx to claim the golden sword!
Jake Raines races to the temple in his hot rod and blasts a hole through the wall with a charge of dynamite in search of the golden sword, 1 of Pharaoh Amset-Ras 6 sacred treasures. But his mission is far from over! There are mummies chanting a magic curse to awaken the giant Sphinx guardian. Will Jake escape with the golden sword before its too late?
* Includes 3 minifigures: Jake Raines and 2 mummies
* Minifigures come with authentic costumes and ancient weapons
* Fully poseable giant Sphinx measures 10 (25cm) tall
* Hot rod fits 2 minifigures
* Sphinx temple features blow-away wall, treasure chamber and golden sword treasure
* Detach Sphinx from the temple and stand it up for battle!
* Push lever to reveal secret treasure chamber!
* Collect all of the LEGO Pharaohs Quest sets to have all the treasures and awaken the Pharaoh!
* Temple measures 9 (23cm) long and 8 (20cm) tall
* Sphinx stands over 10 (25cm) tall
* Hot rod is 5 (12cm) long and 1 (3cm) tall
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Pharaoh's Quest
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