LEGO Sea Riders Set #4402

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LEGO Sea Riders Set #4402
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Challenge the waves with the Sea Riders! Build amazing watercraft with the new Sea Riders set! Includes all the elements you need to build super cool speedboats, dual-hull cruisers, and much more!

The special Idea Book included features full building instructions for 3 models and inspiration for 7 more! The Idea Book included with this set will bring hours of fun, with detailed step by step instructions for 3 models. Once you have mastered these, there are another 7 idea starters for creative building with this Advanced Designer Set. If you love machines that fly, sail, or race down the road, then you're ready for Advanced Designer Sets! Each set comes with a wide assortment of elements, plus inspirations for lots of different models. Build whatever you like, however you like -- then take it apart and build it again! Combine sets and construct totally unique creations that are yours alone!
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