LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Imperial Landing Craft Set #7659

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LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Imperial Landing Craft Set #7659
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The Empire is coming in for a landing!
Battle the forces of the Rebellion wherever they hide with the Star Wars Imperial Landing craft. Equipped with twin blaster cannons, bombs, a troop compartment, and firing rockets, this craft will prepare you to face the master of evil. With two cannons that really shoot and levers that pop out bombs, this Lego set provides hours of amusement for junior Stormtroopers, ages 8 through 12.
Like the Imperial Craft shown in the movies, this airship's wings fold up at the twist of a dial. A pilot, two sandtroopers, and two stormtrooper mini-figures with blasters come included. All of the mini-figures fit into this craft's troop department. With this quality craft there is no limit to the space adventures the child can embark on. With 471 pieces, the set offers a fun-filled building project for both children and their parents. Clear instructions (included) make the construction process easier and clean-up is a breeze by folding up the wings and putting the mini-figures into the troop department.
This retro Star Wars Lego set offers an experience that can be enjoyed by children and their parents. Children are captivated by the cannons and bombs, while parents feel nostalgia for the movies. Like many LEGO products, the set is both easy to assemble and durable. Other Lego Star Wars sets are available should the Rebellion get out of control. Overall, this set is a great value for the years of amusement it provides. (But be careful, the Imperial should not be aimed at the eyes or face and it is not intended for children under three years old.
471 pieces, pilot, 2 sandtroopers, and 2 stormtrooper mini-figures with blasters.
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A New Hope
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